Everyday Tech Solutions

No matter your technology experience, we can assist you in making the technology you have work for you, not against you as it may seem. Overwhelmed? Not sure were to begin? There are too many to choose from, which one is right??  Well it doesn't have to be hard or as confusing.  We will happily sit with you, work out your requirements, we can then discuss what would be the best for you, and train you how to get the most from your equipment and media.


Have you seen that your computer, phone and tablet are suppose to have the same apps or emails, but you can only get it on one, but not the other?  Or every time you check your email on your computer the emails disappear from my phone or Tablet. We can streamline your emails between your devices so you information is accessible from any device anywhere, we can set up your emails for you as well.


Need a Phone, Computer or Tablet, which one, what do I really need?  There are many options out there and it can be very overwhelming.  Lets discuss your requirements  and your current devices and how you would like them to work.  From there we can recommend the devices that best suit your needs 


Apps which one, there are so many of them, what do I need? If you find that it is overwhelming then we can help assess your needs and put you on the right track to using simple effective apps that you will enjoy.  Cant get your phone and computer or tablet networking, we can set up all your devices so that they are working effectively for you.  


Cloud…..server in the cloud???, how does it work? who has my information? Is it secure? what are the benefits? do I need it?  Well there are lots of different options when comes to working with icloud or clouds, server clouds, drop boxes, media fires etc. 

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